Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences (SUJES) aims to publish research studies demonstrates international originality which contribute to the relevant literature, their perceptible results are analytical and proved by experimental and numerical methods.

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences publishes scientific articles in the field of engineering sciences that may be applied or theoretical with scientific depth, such as qualified research or scans-reviews. Priority Engineering Fields: Electric-Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Metallurgy-Materials Engineering, Mathematical Application for Engineering, Technology etc. The studies presented in other engineering disciplines outside these fields are evaluated by the Editorship according to their subjects.

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences accepts articles in English. Required qualifications are explained below.

Research Article: These are articles that reflect an original research with their findings and results. The study should be original and definitely contribute to international science.

Review Article: These are articles that scan a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarize the subject at the current level of knowledge and technology, interpret the results by comparing them.


Section Policies

Research Article

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Each work sent to the journal is given a code and all work reaches the editor through the system. The work prepared in accordance with journal writing rules is subject to preliminary evaluations by the journal editors. In terms of the purpose, scope and conformity of the journal, the studies that are deemed appropriate in the preliminary evaluation by the journal editors are sent to at least two referees (with a double-blind review system) to be examined and evaluated in terms of scientific form. The author(s) may report the names of the referees that they do not want their studies to be examined by or can make referee recommendations. Studies that do not receive positive reports from the referees are not published and are not given back to the author(s). Administrative and judicial responsibility are not accepted in this regard. The works requested correction by the referees are sent to the author (s) for the necessary changes. The authors consider the requests, suggestions and warnings of the referees and editors. However, they can appeal against the issues they disagree with and referee decisions, provided that they give reasons. It is the author's responsibility to submit all these corrections and objections (in a detailed response to each referee) in a Word format report file and to submit the corrected work (text) to the journal within the specified time. The Editor/Editors have the authority to make minor, non-essential corrections to the articles to be published in accordance with the indexing criteria. The referees' opinions are recommendations only for the editors to make the final decision. The final decision belongs to the editors. As a result of the referee evaluation, the studies decided to be published by the journal editor and the editorial board are published in the journal. After the typesetting that can be published in the journal is made, it is sent to the responsible author and asked to review it before printing. The responsibility of the errors that appear in the article as printed in the journal belongs to their authors. All kinds of responsibility (scientific, professional, legal, ethical, etc.) of the articles published in our journal belong to the authors. The published articles are copyrighted and cannot be transferred without reference.


  • Article Submitted
  • Article Reviewed
  • Article Revised
  • Article Accepted/Rejected
  • Accepted Article Published


Publication Frequency

Three times a year (January-April, May-August, September-December).


Open Access Policy

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences (SUJES) is a scholarly online, open-access, double blind peer reviewed and international academic journal.

As a non-profit journal, Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences does not request application/publication/processing fees from the authors. Similarly, no fee is charged for referee evaluation and access to published articles. Accepted articles are published on-line and free of charge from the journal's website.


Publication Ethical-Plagiarism Policy

Publication Ethics

The author guarantees that her/his article was not published anywhere else before, was not sent to any other place, followed the standards of originality and scientific ethics, citations of all the resources used were full-correct-appropriate and is not similar to other published or publishing articles by submitting his/her work to the Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences.

The following are considered unacceptable in the publication of SUJES:

  • Fabrication or falsification
  • Plagiarism
  • Redundant or Duplicate publication
  • Authorship without the author’s knowledge
  • Unacknowledged authorship
  • Undeclared conflict of interest

Ethical Rules

Research protocols must be approved by the Ethics Committee in accordance with international conventions. Ethical committee reports or an equivalent official document are requested from the authors for your experimental, clinical and pharmaceutical studies etc. on humans or animals. Such documents should be uploaded in PDF format together with the article (as an additional file) into the journal system. Information about patient consent, the name of the ethics committee and the ethics committee approval number should also be specified in the article. Signed permissions of the patient or its legal representative (owner of the patient for animals) must include photographs that clearly reveal the identity of the patient.

Plagiarism Policy

Studies submitted to the Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences should be scanned with programs such as "iThenticate" or "Turnitin", including the references section. The result of the similarity rate you will receive from the related programs should be uploaded to our system in PDF format. In addition, if necessary, the similarity of the submitted works is checked by the Editorship. Articles with a similarity rate of more than 20% are rejected. In such cases, the author/s are asked to revise and upload the article. Only articles with a similarity rate of 20% or lower are taken to the double-blind review evaluation process.

All the authors who have uploaded articles to SUJES journal are deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned rules.


Publication Policy

• Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences includes original studies related to Engineering Sciences that have the qualities and features specified in Focus and Scope and contribute to the field.

• The studies sent to the Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences should not have been published or sent/accepted for publication (in the same time period) and their rights of publish have not been granted anywhere other than the Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences.

• Congress and symposium papers are taken into the evaluation process if deemed appropriate by the Editorial Board. In such works, the name, place and date of the meeting should be specified.

• The publication language of Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences is English.

• In the studies supported by a research institution, the name of the institution and project, if available the date and number should be specified in Acknowledgment.

• Information about thesis (thesis supervisor, thesis title, thesis type etc.) should be specified in Acknowledgment in articles produced from master and doctoral theses. The identity of the thesis should also be added to the references.

• All processes from sending the works to publishing are carried out electronically. All transactions are carried out through the http://sujes.selcuk.edu.tr/sujes public network address.

• In all submitted articles (studies), grammar and compliance with spelling rules, clarity and comprehensibility etc. is an obligation to comply with. Therefore, the author is fully responsible for the problems and criticisms that may occur.

• Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences reserves the right to make editorial corrections in works submitted and accepted for publication.