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Author Guidelines


The studies to be sent to Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences (SUJES) are sent through the online article submission and evaluation system (after registration to the journal system) from the web address below;

They should prepare the article files according to the template (in Word file format) and upload them to the system. Articles not prepared in accordance with the format will not be evaluated.

ORCID information of all authors included in the article should be added correctly in the relevant field in the template during the article upload. Articles that do not meet this requirement will not be evaluated.

Authors without an ORCID number can use the link below to get one.

The articles (studies) sent to the journal go through a technical evaluation process by the Editorship/Editor on issues such as whether it has been prepared in accordance with the journal rules. Posts that do not comply with the journal's guidelines will not be accepted.

Authors should upload article files to the system in four parts. The academic title of the author is not included in the article. Details on these are presented below. The works of those who do not carry out this uploading process are not evaluated.

1- Article Main Text File (Research Article Click for Template File)

In this section, the article should be prepared according to Template including Title, Authors, their affiliations and ORCID number, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material-Methods, Main body, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, References and other parts of the article. Tables, figures and graphics should be in the same file.

2- Copyright Transfer Form

When the authors submit their articles for publication, they must fill in and sign the Copyright Transfer Form (available from the web page of the journal) and upload it in PDF format (as an additional file).

3- Similarity Report

Studies submitted to the Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences should be scanned with programs such as "iThenticate" or "Turnitin", including the references section. Articles with a similarity rate of more than 20% are rejected. In such cases, the author/s are asked to revise and upload the article. Only articles with a similarity rate of 20% or below are taken to the double-blind review evaluation process. Similarity report to be taken from the relevant programs should be uploaded to the journal system in PDF format along with the article (as an additional file).

4- Ethics Committee Report & Declaration

For the carried out studies, the permit or ethical declaration form obtained from the relevant institutions and organizations regarding the data, information and documents within the frame of academic and ethical rules must be uploaded to the system (as an additional file).

Author (s) Responsibilities

Each author in the article must fulfill the authorization criteria below.

• To make important contributions to the design of the research or to collect, analyze or interpret data for the study,

• To prepare the research or review it for important intellectual content,

• Approval of the final version to be published,

• They accept that they take responsibility for all aspects of the work / article, especially the accuracy or integrity.

In addition to being responsible for the divisions of work done, the responsible author should be able to identify which co-authors are responsible for what other divisions of the study are. In addition, authors should trust the integrity of their co-authors' contributions. As part of the submission of the manuscript, the relevant author must report that he assumes full responsibility for the authorship during the upload and review of the manuscript, and is deemed to have accepted it when uploading the article.

Conflict of Interest

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences requests that authors and persons who are included in the evaluation process of submitted articles be notified of current or potential conflicts of interest, including financial, consultant and institutional, which may lead to potential bias or conflict of interest. Any material grants or other support received for a study sent from individuals or institutions should be reported to the Editorial / Editorial Board. The potential conflict of interest of editors, authors or reviewers is resolved by the journal's Editorial / Editorial Board. In such cases, authors should contact the Editorial / Editorial Board directly regarding their complaints. If necessary, a mediator can be appointed to solve problems that cannot be solved internally. The Editor-in-Chief is the ultimate authority in the decision-making process for all objections and complaints.


When submitting a revised/revised version of an article, the author should specify on the article file how each question/suggestion brought by the referees is handled and where it can be found. The revised articles should be restored to the system within 20 days from the end of the referee evaluation process. If the revised version of the study is not delivered within the specified period, the article can be rejected by canceling the revision option. If the sending author(s) believes additional time is required, they must request this extension before the first 20 days. The last copy of the accepted works is sent to the responsible author before printing. Publication confirmation is requested within 3 days after the receipt of these documents.


Copyright Notice

Copyright Transfer Form and License

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences users should download a Copyright License Agreement ( for each article application and get it signed by each author. This document should be uploaded in PDF format with the article (as an additional file) into the journal system. Authors must obtain permission from the copyright owner when using pre-published content, including figures, tables, or other material in both printed and electronic formats. All kinds of legal, financial and criminal responsibility belong to the authors.

The statements or opinions in the articles published in Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Sciences reflect the views of the author, not the views of the editors, editorial board or publisher; editors, editorial board and publisher do not accept any responsibility for such materials. The ultimate responsibility for the published content belongs to the authors.