Investigating the effects of hot isostatic pressure heat treatment on mechanical properties of PLA based BCC lattices

Hamdi Kuleyin, Altug Usun, Recep Gumruk


Lattice structures that have body-centered cubic (BCC) unit cells were manufactured in this study using fused deposition modeling with polylactic acid (PLA) as printing material. Obtained cellular structures were heat-treated utilizing the hot isostatic pressure (HIP) method. Isostatic pressure was applied with nitrogen gas in an autoclave under different temperatures. Effects of the heat treatment were investigated using compression tests. Heat treatment applied below the glass transition temperature was deformed under a higher load and higher energy absorption capability compared to as-built ones. Heat-treated below the glass transition temperature sample absorbed approximately 5% higher energy than the as-built sample. Heat treatment above the glass transition temperature showed a reduced energy absorption capacity of approximately 56%, especially at the temperature of 75°C. The heat treatment under isostatic pressure can be used as a post-processing method to control the deformation behavior and energy absorption capacity of lattice structures produced by the fused-deposition method.


Additive Manufacturing; Cellular Structures; Fused Deposition Modeling; Mechanical Properties

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