Ergonomic evaluation of USB used in buses

Aysenur Sahin, Cengiz Eldem


In order to increase the comfort of the passengers and their preference by the passengers in the buses used for travel, many products have become necessary in the buses. The ergonomic use of these selected products is a reason for preference for both customers and passengers. With the increase in the use of electronic devices in today's technology, the use of USB ports in buses is increasing. Within the scope of this study, the positioning of the USB port on the busses was investigated ergonomically with the REBA and RULA methods. For the RULA method, necessary analyzes were made using CATIA software and digital human modeling, and new positioning suggestions were presented. As a result of the RULA method analysis, the suitability of the USB location and posture position in the use of USB was evaluated. Among the USB installation studies, it was decided that the most suitable position is the user's body posture directly in the sitting position.

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