Construction knowhow and conditions due to structural and architectural restoration of a historical town center inn

Ilhan Okan Yazgan, Ali Ihsan Unay


The structural and architectural functions of historical buildings are disrupted due to natural and man-made hazards. Even at their severely ruined state, these buildings keep their cultural and historical values. Complex structural system and load transmission mechanism of masonry historical assets become more unpredictable, when the building is in a ruined or partially collapsed state. In such cases, delayed or inappropriate structural strengthening decisions may change the structural behavior of the building, causing further damage or total collapse. Alacahan is a stone masonry building, located in the center of the commercial district of Trabzon. The building, dated around 18th century, was originally functioning as an inner-city inn. Building was severely neglected and totally abandoned for decades. Various means of commercial activities and spatial needs caused major changes in the structural system of the building. These interventions gathering with negligence and damage, effected the structural performance of the masonry system in a very negative manner. Eventually Alacahan collapsed partially in February 2012 without any seismic impact. This study examines how the special construction techniques applied within the scope of the structural and architectural restoration projects of Alacahan building improve the deteriorated structural integrity. The expected failures, corresponding preventive and controlling repairs, and strengthening measures are also be discussed in the article. Guidelines for construction knowhow and conditions due to structural and architectural restoration works are also included to provide an example to the assessment works that aim to improve the structural performance of Alacahan. 


Architectural conservation; Historical buildings; Masonry; Structural intervention; Structural repair

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