Effect of Bullet Velocity on Target Ballistics

Kemal Furkan AKBAŞ, Süleyman NEŞELİ, Osman KOCAASLAN


This study investigates the effect of the distance-dependent velocity of the bullet on the target. In this study, a 5.56x45 mm NATO bullet is used. The target plate is made of AISI 1020 with dimensions of 75x80x3 mm. The study is conducted numerically using the LS-Dyna module within ANSYS Workbench. Analyses are performed for distances of 200, 250, 300, and 350 meters, and as a result of these analyses, the stresses, velocity, and displacements of the bullet are analyzed for both perforation and non-perforation of the target plate. When the results obtained without working are examined, in the shot made from 200 meters, the maximum stress on the target plate is between 400-450 MPa, displacement is 35 mm, and the minimum velocity of the bullet after hitting the target plate is between 200-250 m/s. In the shot made from 350 meters, the maximum stress on the target plate is between 300-350 MPa, displacement is 10.5 mm, and the minimum velocity of the bullet after hitting the target plate is between 0-50 m/s. According to these results, as the distance between the bullet and the target plate increases, the stress on the target plate has decreased by approximately 25%, displacement by 70%, and the velocity of the bullet by 80%.


Bullet, Displacement, Projectile velocity, Rifling barrel, Von Mises stress, Target ballistics

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